Science behind Helm

For teamwork, by science.

We built our product with cutting-edge science on teamwork to help teams maintain high-performance and prevent burnout.


ˈenərjē / noun
the strength and vitality needed
for sustained, productive work
Antonym: burnout
Momentum Framework

Here's how energy
turns into momentum.

Individual ownership

Equip people to “take the helm” in their domain at work

→ Drive, by Dan Pink
→ Holacracy
Appriciative inquiry

Create positive change by starting with team strengths

→ Appriciative Inquiry Approach
Psychological safety

Foster safe environments for team members to take risks

→ ReWork, Google

Keep moving forward. Faster. Routine reflection not only boosts clarity. It's proven to boost productivity. Thats how Helm empowers high-perfoming teams.

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