Helm MVP
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It's because we think your feedback is instrumental. Your perspective helps us build the products that help teams work better together.

What is Helm?

We're creating a SaaS team management tool to help you make your teams more effective.
Our focus
The tool we're building helps managers optimize team effectiveness by connecting roles with company objectives.
What's an MVP?
This is our minimally-viable product (MVP) - the simplest possible version of our product. It's a test of value and nothing more.
team effectiveness with Helm
team effectiveness with Helm

How the MVP Works

Use the Helm Airtable MVP to record role information, plan and document 1-1s, and organize roles by objectives.
How it works
Use the Airtable MVP during 1-1s to clarify roles, record progress updates, and keep your team aligned with company goals.
Manage more effectively
Document progress continuously during 1-1s to inform performance reviews and identify bottlenecks in objectives.

Where we're headed


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Your feedback is incredibly important to us. Please share any thoughts you have pertaining to the value and use of our product.