Make your new hires feel at home from anywhere.


Add the new hire to your Slack

Once they join we’ll help them make a profile in under 5 min


We make introductions right away

Intro new hires to co-workers, mentors, and friends in Slack


They belong on day one

Get them connected right away, wherever they’re working

People leaders are doing the work to...
Schedule intro meetings for new hires

To connect with key teammates and leaders

raise hand
Organize and share their people data

To answer FAQs and learn about the company

rope knot
Connect people to community/mentors

To help everyone grow and foster belonging

Onboarding from anywhere is a lot of work.

It’s hard to stay connected over Slack and Zoom – but today's workers now expect the flexibility to work from anywhere.

Why it matters:

Belonging is everything

Studies show, when employees feel like they belong where they’re working:

· The risk of turnover drops by 50%
· They perform 56% better
· Sick day usage is reduced by 76%

When people belong, they spread the word.

A high eNPS will help you attract, engage, and retain top talent, from anywhere.

How Helm helps:

Automate connections
Build your community

New hire onboarding

Give a warm welcome to new hires – as soon as they make a profile, Helm prompts like-minded teammates to connect on common ground.

New hire onboarding
Mentor matching

Help employees learn the ropes and grow into roles by matching them with the right expertise.

Mentor matching
Employee communties

Develop meaningful, long-lasting friendships by grouping peers with compatible interests and backgrounds.

Employee communities
People search

Helm makes it easy to find who you need, when you need them – we use the rich data in profiles to find exactly what you’re looking for.

New hire onboarding

Get a dedicated team
for new hire connections.

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