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Supercharge your team.

Stay on top of your team’s productivity, engagement, and culture from anywhere. Equip your people to lead the conversation and reach their goals.
How it works

Meet Mo. Your team's assistant coach.

Visualize your team's momentum.

Get a feel for your team’s overall energy at a glance with the Momentum Index.

Performance • How do you feel about your progress?
Synergy • How well is your team working together?
Morale • How motivated do you feel?

Empower your people to lead the conversation.

Give your people space to document, reflect, and share. Use Work Logs to keep track of goals, accomplishments, and progress.

Progress Update • Breakthroughs and blockers
Peer Review • Team kudos and critiques
Well-being Pulse • Mental health and sentiment

Align your team where and when it matters.

Use the Helm Dashboard to understand team energy, alignment, and progress from all angles - in real time. Get relevant information to the right people, without distraction.

Get set up in just 5 minutes.

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