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Measure teamwork while you work.

Take a deeper look at how your team is working with simple, transparent progress reports - all in your Slack workspace.
better teamwork
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Team Managment

Keep your team moving forward.

Manage better without managing more. Helm collects and organizes insights on team progress and performance so managers can focus on taking action to improve their team.
How it works

Better management
in 3 simple steps.

Automate progress reports to
keep a pulse from anywhere.

Supplement your intuition with aggregated data on your team. Uncover powerful new insights about progress, engagement, and team chemistry with automated checkpoints directly in Slack.

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Share meaningful insights
with every team member.

Build transparency into your team's workflow and culture. Empower continuous learning and improvement for everyone on your team with meaningful progress briefs.

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Use suggested next steps
to take swift action.

Manage smarter, not harder. Helm automatically detects team needs and prompts proactive action, reducing the risk of low engagement, burnout, and turnover.

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Choose better teamwork

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