Help your new hires feel at home from anywhere.

Instantly connect new hires with collaborators, mentors, and friends. Make onboarding more human.

Retaining just one employee saves $70k-$150k

Helm is a people wiki that shows who your people are... and does the work to connect them.

Why it matters:

Work feels disconnected.

It’s digital. Work from anywhere. Virtual meetings. Shorter tenures. Flexible workdays. Upskilling. Side gigs. Stress. Burnout. Resignation.

Why use Helm:

Stay connected. Build community.

Tap into your community from anywhere. Helm is a place to share holistic profiles and organize teams. From there, our AI makes connections that make sense.
New hire onboarding

Give a warm welcome to new hires – as soon as they make a profile, Helm prompts like-minded teammates to connect on common ground.

New hire onboarding
Mentor matching

Help employees learn the ropes and grow into roles by matching them with the right expertise.

Mentor matching
Employee communties

Develop meaningful, long-lasting friendships by grouping peers with compatible interests and backgrounds.

Employee communities
People search

Helm makes it easy to find who you need, when you need them – we use the rich data in profiles to find exactly what you’re looking for.

New hire onboarding

Give your people a reason to stay.

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