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Prevent burnout from the bottom up.

Helm helps your people stay on top of their energy at work... without big brother watching.

Helm - Stay ahead of burnout with daily mindfulness and reflection | Product Hunt
better teamwork
Driven by research

Energized teamwork is a science. Helm is designed with cutting-edge research on more effective teamwork. Especially in today’s new world of work.

How it works

Meet your assistant
coach on Slack.

"Hey there, I'm Mo!"

Optimized for Slack workspaces

Designed with science on teamwork

Built for adaptive, fast-paced teams

Start by talking about your workday.

Mo chats with your teammates for a couple minutes a day to gauge everyone's energy-level.

Share with teammates or keep it private

Mo helps you organize any thoughts surrounding work and share what's important.

Learn from briefings in Slack, every week.

Mo delivers actionable intelligence to each team member so you all can move forward together.

I already keep a work log but it’s messy. Seeing everyone’s updates in one place and being able to share it with my manager would help everyone.
Software engineer at JP Morgan Chase

Equip your team with Helm today.

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